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Brake adjustment of small four-wheel tractor

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2019/08/30 11:27
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(1) Adjustment of brake shoe and brake drum clearance. The brake band riveted on the brake shoe block has an external circle eccentricity due to long-term work, and the gap between the brake shoe and the brake drum is increased, so that the braking torque generated during operation is correspondingly reduced, and the brake cannot be guaranteed to work normally and reliably. When the tractor is working for a period of time, the gap between the brake shoe and the brake drum needs to be adjusted. Its normal clearance should be 0.2mm-o.4mm. The adjustment method is: pad the tractor rear axle, loosen the nut of the eccentric shaft, turn the eccentric shaft to adjust until the clearance is suitable, and then tighten the nut.
(2) Adjustment of the brake pedal free travel. The pedal free travel is the displacement measured from the highest position of the brake pedal to the time when the pedal is pressed by hand to feel significant resistance. The normal stroke is 30--40 mm. The adjustment method is as follows: loosen the lock nut of the brake lever, turn the brake to adjust the free stroke of the pedal, and adjust the lock nut after adjustment.
(3) Consistent adjustment of the brake condition of the left and right brakes. The adjustment of the left and right brakes is inconsistent. When the tractor is driving at an emergency speed, the left and right wheels will be inconsistent and “offset”. Therefore, after adjusting the brake system, the consistency of the brake condition should be checked. If it meets the requirements, it should be adjusted in time. The adjustment method is to shorten the side of the tire with a short brake impression, or to lengthen the long side of the tire brake mark until the impression is consistent. Then tighten the nut.




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